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Porta Potty Rental Services for Your Events or Construction Site in Edmonton

Portable toilets are an ideal solution that can be moved around to provide sanitation services quickly. When you plan to rent a porta potty in Edmonton and surrounding areas, get connected with us in Bins By Jo Ltd. We understand that the key to your construction projects and special events as far as sanitation needs are concerned is to have quality portable washrooms. We offer portable toilets for outdoor construction worksites, special events, parties and other sites in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We work diligently to provide cleanliness and odour-free units that exceed your expectations.

Besides portable toilet rentals, you can also count on us for portable construction fencing and garbage bin rentals. We also handle construction services and demolition removal projects. When reaching out to us for bin rentals or portable toilets, you can rest assured of our prompt services. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Our Services

Whether you’re planning for a weekend event or operating a worksite, you’ll need to maintain clean and hygienic portable toilets. Rent a porta potty in Edmonton from Bins By Jo Ltd. We work with you closely and help you determine how many portable toilets you will need. Give us a call today, or navigate through this page to know how many toilets to rent or how the rental process works. Our services include:


On-site pump-out and full cleaning once a week.
Units are stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
Customized service schedule to meet greater volume.

If you have any questions about porta potty rentals, read our FAQ. You will find answers to some commonly asked questions.

Helping Hands to Our Customers

We deliver porta potty’s to your site and service them once a week. We’ll stock all our units with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. People spend more time at special events when you have an adequate number of clean portable toilets readily available. We want your special occasion to come out without a hitch and your job sites to run successfully. We have several porta potty rental options in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our team strives to provide innovative and effective solutions for all your portable toilet needs.

The Process of Renting Toilets—It’s As Easy as 1, 2, 3…

You determine that you need portable toilets at your site or event.You contact us by phone or email to discuss portable toilet options.Based on your requirements, we reach a service agreement, including:

  • What equipment we will provide

  • How/when it will be delivered/serviced

  • Emergency contact information

  • The billing/payment schedule

  • Other information as needed

4. Portable toilets will be delivered and serviced by our trained personnel. Things that we will need to consider include:

  • Terrain

  • Accessibility for our drivers

  • Safety and cleanliness

  • How much the toilets will be used

You can rely on us for hassle-free and reliable sanitary solutions. Contact us today if you are looking for porta potty rentals in Edmonton.

Number of Toilets Required

Public Events

Construction Site

*60+: 1 additional toilet per 10 employees

Our Equipment

MyBlock Portable Toilets

The portable plastic toilet includes:


Three panels
Door and door frame
Vent pipe
Toilet paper holder
Toilet seat
Additional small spare parts
Built-in waste holding tank

Factors to Consider

Duration of event

The longer an event lasts, the more toilets people will need. The same applies to the length of workers’ shifts.

Consumption of food and beverage

The more people eat or drink, the more toilets they will need. This is especially true when alcohol is available.

Temperature outside

People will drink more water on warm days, meaning they will need more toilets.


Can a truck reach the site to deliver and service the units? If yes, will the units be stable?


Will the use be spread out throughout the day (like at a construction site), or will many people want to use the units at the same time (like at a concert)?


Will families use the units with children?

Why Choose Us

At Bins By Jo Ltd, we understand that there are numerous scenarios where a portable toilet is essential. For this reason, we provide convenient portable toilet rentals in Edmonton to all types of clients. We make the lives of site managers and event organizers easier by providing hassle-free rentals at reasonable rates. Be it a construction site or an event, our hygienic toilets will ensure that your work goes on without any inconvenience to your visitors and workers.

We know that as a site manager or an event organizer, it is hard to keep up with the details. Our company offers convenient rentals and ensures an entirely sanitary experience. If you'd like to learn more about our porta potty rental services in Edmonton and surrounding areas, please get in touch with us. Our team would be happy to address your queries.

Triotank Vacuum Tank

We service units using a Triotank Vacuum Tank, which can service 10 to 15 portable toilets a day. By choosing portable toilets, you will be preserving freshwater. Contact us today to find out how. You can visit our FAQ and blog sections to learn more about the nature of our services.

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