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Dependable Garbage Bin Rental in Edmonton

Bins By Jo Ltd offers bin rentals in Edmonton and surrounding areas of Alberta. We understand that a dumpster is ideal for storing all kinds of debris resulting from large construction projects, demolition work, home renovations, roofing jobs and insurance claims. The doors on all of our bins open at the rear for easy bobcat access. Our pickup and drop-off options are available within a day. We serve all our residential, commercial and industrial clients, but there are a few limitations on what items you can dump in our bins. If you’re unsure of which bin size to choose or require assistance on appropriate dumpsters for your job, our experts are just a call away to provide an on-site consultation.

Why Rent a Dumpster?

There is often confusion regarding whether to rent a dumpster while working on a project. People often consider it necessary for only large-scale construction sites. On the other hand, a dumpster rental covers a large variety of purposes, making it an ideal choice for a number of project types. If you are thinking of renting a dumpster, consider the following benefits:

  • Safety: Exposed piles of debris and waste materials increase the risk of accidents to anyone who may visit the site. Renting a dumpster makes your job site free of these risks and makes it safer for everyone who visits it.

  • Compliance: When you trust a professional waste disposal company, you can be sure that your trash will be disposed of in accordance with contemporary laws and regulations.

  • Increased efficiency: Allocating a place to discard all trash rather than piling it up can make your worksite more efficient. It saves time and energy associated with waste removal, which allows you to concentrate on other important tasks. After completion of the job, the waste will be taken care of by the waste disposal experts.

  • Eco-Friendly: Proper waste disposal also means that you are being sensible towards the environment. Since a large amount of waste can be picked up and disposed of in a single trip, it helps to cut down on your company’s carbon footprint.

Convenient waste disposal is just the beginning of your bin rental. With a range of additional benefits, you can enjoy peace of mind with our professional waste removal services.

Perfect Bins for Your Disposal Needs

We have bins in different sizes that can be used for various purposes like:

  • Yard waste and junk removal

  • Fire and flood restoration

  • All construction projects like demolition, roofing, siding, etc.

  • Estate cleanup

  • Home renovation

  • Asbestos Disposal

Always keep these in mind before choosing a dumpster to rent:

  • Always consider the size of the bin you need

  • Always consider the materials you will be disposing

  • Decide upon the period you will need to rent for

  • Find/make enough space for your dumpster rental

Convenient waste disposal is just the beginning of your bin rental. Our professional waste removal services come with a host of additional benefits to help you enjoy your peace of mind while we take care of your waste. For more information about waste disposal and management, please read our carefully-curated blog. We keep it updated with informative content for your knowledge.

Waste Disposal in 4 Simple Steps

Bins By Jo Ltd is a Canadian-owned and operated company offering reliable disposal bin rentals in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Rent one of our bins and fill it in at your convenience. Once you’re done, call us, and we will gladly pick it up. Please keep reading to know how the process works.

Step 1: Pick a Size

We have bins available for rent from 12 cubic yards to as big as 50 cubic yards. Depending on your scope of work, you can choose a size that best fits your needs. For general construction and renovation debris, we recommend a 12 yard to 40-yard dumpster. If you are looking to dispose of dirt, asphalt, bricks, concrete etc., we offer rental bins from 12 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards. If you are having trouble deciding what size best fits your needs, please call one of our customer care specialists, and they will help you decide: 780-718-7908.
Step 2: We Drop off Your Dumpster
All our dumpsters are driveway friendly. Our bins have casters to help facilitate the placement so that it rolls onto the driveway. Simply let us know which side of the driveway you want your bin placed, and we will gladly place your dumpster in your desired spot.

Step 3: Load up Your Junk

Our bins are designed to be residential friendly. They are super easy to load - just open the rear door and walk right in. You don’t need to worry about any heavy lifting over high walls. All of our rentals are for seven days, so there is no rush. If you require more time, simply call us, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Step 4: We Haul Your Junk

On the specified date, we will come back and pick up your bin. You don’t even need to be home. We recycle as much of the debris as we can.

Our Bin Sizes

Below, find specifications about the dumpster sizes we offer. All of these bins have a hinged door in the back to allow full access. Before renting a dumpster, you should make sure the container is going to work for your project. We can help with this! Our experts will consult with you and provide their professional advice on which bin will be best suited for your job and the materials that will be going into it. This will help you avoid additional fees.

Dos and Don’ts

While we offer bin rentals for all residential, commercial, and industrial purposes, there are a few limitations on what items you can dump in our bins. Have a look at the list of items that should not be dumped in our bins:

  • Propane cylinders

  • Fridge, AC, or any other appliance with Freon

  • Straw and box springs

  • Mattresses

  • Paints and solvents

  • Dead animals

  • Grass clippings and manure

  • Tires and railroad ties

  • TV, computers, or other electronic devices

  • Any other hazardous items

With the exception of the above items, you can feel free to dump construction materials like wood, shingles, tiles, insulation etc., along with tree trimmings, paper, cardboard, and other non-toxic waste in our bins. We will dispose of your waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Contact Us for Dumpster Rental

At Bins By Jo Ltd, we are dedicated to providing you with on-time, clean, and maintained bins. Our bins are safe for driveway and job sites. You can choose the size of the bin that best suits your needs, and we will handle the rest. Our Edmonton bin rentals are dropped off and picked up during the weekdays. We are a family-oriented company, and we do not ask our team members to work after hours except for special arrangements.


To keep your property trash-free, choose our garbage bin rentals in Edmonton. If you’d like to rent a bin for your site or have any questions about our services, contact us today!  We also offer portable toilet rentals and demolition removal services. Please fill out our online form for further information.


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