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Reliable Asbestos Disposal Services in Edmonton

Bins By Jo Ltd provides bins for asbestos disposal for abatement companies and general contractors across Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Asbestos, commonly found in heating tanks, old floor tiles, ceiling tiles, roof shingles and other humid areas of your home or office, is a highly hazardous and toxic substance. After asbestos abatement treatments have successfully been done, Bins By Jo Ltd safely hauls and disposes all hazardous material in dedicated landfills to avoid any risk of exposure. Our team has licensed and insured trained professionals who have a thorough understanding of the task at hand.

As we deal with dangerous materials, we make sure to use proper transport manifests to complete the job. Our transport manifest is the form that the contractor has to provide Bins By Jo Ltd to transport the waste material to the dump. We offer lidded bins of different sizes - 20’ or 30’, 12 yd and 40yd. However, you will have to provide your own lock.

How to Identify and Protect Your Family from Asbestos

Learning about asbestos products can help protect your family from exposure as they learn to recognize and avoid any waste that potentially contains asbestos and is improperly dumped. While there is no way to visually know if a product contains asbestos, the best practice is to learn about the products that are likely to contain asbestos and treat them as if they do until they are tested to show otherwise.


Homes or buildings constructed before the 1990s are likely to contain asbestos. Even the roofing and flooring materials, cement shingles, millboard and corrugated sheets of newer homes built in recent times may contain asbestos. It is usually found in the following components of most residential and commercial buildings

  • Insulation

  • Flooring, ceiling and roofing materials

  • Adhesives

  • HVAC ductwork

  • Electrical components

  • Drywall, shingles and siding

  • Plumbing

  • Fireplace materials

Contact a local abatement expert to discuss removal.  We work with them to remove the asbestos with our lidded, lockable bins. Have a look at our blog for some more helpful information about waste removal and its importance. You are always welcome to get in touch with the experts at Bins By Jo Ltd to discuss your specific asbestos disposal requirements in Edmonton. Our team is always happy to help address any concerns you may have.

Reliable Asbestos Disposal Services in Edmonton

Get in touch with the trained professionals at Bins By Jo Ltd for efficient and reliable asbestos disposal services.

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