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Trusted Demolition Removal Services in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Adding a room to your home? Gutting the kitchen for a renovation? Recently sustained hail damage and need to repair your roof? No matter how big or small your construction or demolition project is, you will need somewhere to place all the debris and rubbish that accompany such jobs. That’s where Bins By Jo Ltd comes in. We offer dumpsters, bin rentals, fencing, and portable toilets for all your needs related to demolition removal in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Our team provides service to the local landfill and recycling facilities for shingles, drywall, wood, glass, metal, insulation, and other construction materials. We understand that safely removing debris from the site is very important; that’s why we follow all the mandatory safety protocols. Reach out to us whenever you require demolition removal services in Edmonton. We will be happy to offer our assistance.

Why Invest in Bin Rental for Your Construction Project?

There are many advantages to a dumpster or bin rental for your construction project, including, but not limited to:

Increased safety: A clean job site is a safe job site. With a disposal bin, you can store trash and other waste materials away from the job site, reducing the risk of accidents like trips and falls. Furthermore, your workers won’t have to haul away dangerous debris like glass or sharp metal themselves. Just place the debris in the bin, and we haul it away for you.
Improved efficiency: When you have one area designated as the dumping site for your waste and debris, it creates a much more efficient worksite. Your team won’t have to wander around trying to figure out where best to store the debris made from the construction job. Instead, having a disposal bin decides for them. This frees up your workers to focus on their specific tasks.
Reduced risk of litigation: Let’s face it. When a job site isn’t kept clean or efficient, there’s an increased possibility for accidents, which in turn can lead to expensive lawsuits. You can save untold amounts of money in legal bills by ensuring your worksite is safe and clean with a rented disposal bin for demolition removal in Edmonton.
Ease of use: A wide range of items, with only a few exceptions, can be placed inside a disposal bin. From broken furniture to lawn debris to construction materials, disposal bins can hold quite a bit of waste, making it a convenient place for workers to get rid of waste materials regardless of the job they’re working on.

Clearly explain what materials are prohibited: If you aren’t sure if your waste materials can go in a disposal bin, the demolition company you hire should be upfront about all restrictions. Bins By Jo Ltd lets you know just what kind of hazardous materials to avoid dumping in your bin, but we can also advise on the size of the bin you need for your heavier materials.

Offer understandable quotes and pricing: We will be upfront about pricing, providing accurate quotes for the service of dropping off and hauling away your disposal bins. You can contact Bins By Jo Ltd today to get a quote on your disposal needs.

Why Choose Us?

Demolition of trash requires specialized expertise for its handling and disposal. The debris created under demolition projects is not the same as home or commercial garbage; it includes sharp metal objects, bricks, roofing shingles, asbestos materials, mercury-containing materials, lumber, wood flooring, drywall, and more. You can count on us because:

  • We follow all the safety protocols.

  • We offer reliable handling of debris and prompt services.

  • We have acquired a large base of highly satisfied clients since 2012.

  • We can offer services based on your project size and specific needs.

  • We have bins in multiple sizes to meet all your requirements.

  • We offer waste pick-up and disposal services to keep your property clean and hygienic.

  • We are locally owned and operated, so we know the disposal needs of the neighbourhood.

  • We provide our services at great prices with no hidden charge.

  • We also provide asbestos disposal services, portable toilet rentals, and portable construction fences.


In addition to offering our clients quality services, we also believe in sharing information through our blogs. Visit our blogs to read about removal and disposal regulations, the benefits of investing in bin rentals, and more such topics.

Request Your Disposal Bin Today

From removing unsafe construction elements to clearing debris, we can do it all. Associating with us for all your junk or demolition removal in Edmonton comes with a range of benefits, such as no hidden fees and special pricing for industrial and commercial clients. Get in touch with Bins By Jo Ltd to request your bin rental. Among other things, we specialize in demolition removal for customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

One-Stop-Shop for All Projects

Bundle portable toilets, junk removal bins, and temporary fencing services today!

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