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High-quality Temporary Portable Construction Fences in Edmonton

If you are planning to install temporary fences at your construction sites, we can help. It not only ensures more safety but also restricts public access to your property. When in need of temporary fences in Edmonton, look no further than Bins By Jo Ltd, a trusted temporary fencing provider. We are one of the trusted fencing solution providers in Edmonton. You can count on us for a wide range of services, including portable toilets, construction and demolition, and garbage bin rentals.

If construction fencing is mandatory at your worksite, Bins By Jo Ltd has 6′ x 10′ free-standing wire mesh panels available. For increased stability, each panel has bigger foot pads that interlock with the panel before it. These portable construction panels are ready for your small construction site or barricade requirements at large facilities. If you need temporary fencing services, our team can help you out by delivering the required items and picking them up once you’re done.

Bins By Jo Ltd is based in Edmonton and serves clients from surrounding areas of Alberta, including Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Nisku, Beaumont, Leduc, Parkland County and more. Please contact us today for more information about how we can help you with all of your temporary fence needs in Edmonton.

Why Need Temporary Construction Fencing?

If you walk by any construction sites, you can find fencing around the property. Fencing restricts trespassers from coming in contact with exposed hazardous materials. It also avoids disturbances from external sources and helps to prevent accidents. It depends on you whether you want to install chain link, panel, gates or windscreen types of fencing. But, if you need a wire mesh panel, we can provide you with affordable rental solutions. This option is not only cost-effective but also easy to remove. Other benefits of installing temporary fences are as follows:

It restricts animals/people from roaming around the construction sites.
It is easy to configure, install and remove.
It can withstand extreme weather conditions.
It is very inexpensive compared to permanent fencing options.
It protects the site from theft and damages.
It restricts unauthorized access to your property.

Reach out to us if you are looking for a temporary fence rental in Edmonton. Contact us today to learn more about services.

Tips for Renting a Temporary Fence

Here are some tips for renting a temporary fence in Edmonton:

  • Consider your options: When choosing a temporary fence system for any event or project, find out what criteria are most essential to you. Various types of fencing, such as barricade fencing (also called "bike" barricades), panel fencing, and more, have distinct benefits and applications.

  • Measure the fencing area: Calculate the measurement at least two times and have a someone check the results when you are done so you know it's correct. You can compensate for any unusual angles or have additional fences on hand if something comes up that you didn't anticipate when you placed the order.

  • Search for permits and regulations: Check your city's temporary fence requirements, protection and windscreen regulations to ensure you're following the rules. Regulations differ significantly from one region to the next, so completing your research ahead of time will save you money on project delays.

For more than seven years, we have helped Edmonton communities secure their construction sites and special events using our temporary fences. We can help you identify the best choice.

Why Choose Bins By Jo Ltd?

If you are looking for a professional contractor that can help you with temporary fencing services in Edmonton, you should consider giving us a call. When you choose us, you get advantages like:

  • Comprehensive list of services including bin rentals, fencing rentals, construction and demolition services and much more.

  • Our special asbestos disposal bins safely carry harmful asbestos from your residential or commercial buildings to ensure your good health and well-being.  Contact a local asbestos abatement service company for the removal. 

  • Our experienced team is trained in standard procedures for all the services we offer, ensuring better safety and efficiency while we work.


Contact Us Today

At bins By Jo Ltd, we offer professional services related to construction and demolition at an affordable cost. We also offer an array of rental services such as portable bins, toilets and temporary fences. You can refer to our blogs or FAQ section to learn more about the work we do. If you are interested in any of the services we offer, feel free to connect with us.

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Bundle portable toilets, junk removal bins, and temporary fencing services today!

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