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How to Rent a Dumpster for Your Edmonton Area Job Site

Keeping a job site clean and organized is important for site safety and project efficiency. At BINS BY JO LTD., we provide dumpster rentals in Edmonton and the surrounding area to a variety of corporate clients. Our bins can be used for all sizes of construction, renovation, and demolition projects. Here are four steps to selecting the right bin and making sure the bin rental process goes smoothly.

1. Consider the size of bin you need

To fully utilize your garbage bin rental, make sure you choose the right size bin. BINS BY JO LTD. junk removal bins are available in 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, and 50 cubic yards, allowing you to pay only for as much space as you require. A 12-cubic-yard bin can be a good choice for smaller re-roofing and renovation projects, while you'll likely need 20 or 30 cubic yards for larger jobs. You may have to go as large as a 40-cubic-yard dumpster for a commercial roof tear-off or a new construction project.

2. Consider the materials you need to dispose of

You can use a junk removal bin rental for many different types of construction and demolition materials, including shingles, glass, plastic, scrap metal, asphalt, cardboard, timber, ceramics, and earth. Even specialty items like compost, topsoil, bricks, and concrete are accepted.

Note that there are some materials you cannot dispose of in a dumpster rental, such as old appliances and electronics, tires, solvents, propane cylinders, manure, any liquids, and any hazardous materials. Make sure you are aware of all the materials you are going to be disposing before booking your rental. If you are putting the bin on the road, usually a permit is required, and we can arrange for it on your behalf without any hassle.

3. Decide how long you need the bin rental for

It is important to plan ahead and have an idea of how long you need a dumpster rental in Edmonton. The 12- to 30-cubic-yard bins from BINS BY JO LTD. can be rented for five to seven days. Our 40- and 50-cubic-yard bins are generally available for three to five days but can be negotiated for longer.

4. Clear enough space for dumpster drop-off and pick-up

In order to accommodate your dumpster rental and the truck that delivers and picks it up, you will need to have about 60 to 80 feet of available and accessible space. The entryway to this space should also be at least 10 feet in width and free of any overhead obstructions. Also, you should know when and where to put the bin. It is always recommended that you supply plywood to protect your driveway. We do not suggest that you put the bin on grass; it is too heavy, and the truck will leave marks and rut on your yard.

Junk Removal Services and Garbage Bin Rental in Edmonton
Make sure your next construction or demolition project goes smoothly with junk removal bin rental in Edmonton from BINS BY JO LTD. All of our bins have a rear-hinged door for easy access with a Bobcat, and our experts will be happy to help you figure out what size of bin you need. For more information on our junk removal and rentals, check out our handy FAQ.


If you have any other questions about dumpster rentals in Edmonton or you want to find out the price of our bins, don't hesitate to contact BINS BY JO LTD. today.


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