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Understand Alberta's Asbestos Removal and Disposal Regulations

Even though asbestos is not used as heavily as it once was in construction, there is plenty of it present in older buildings. Stay safe while handling this cancer-causing mineral by hiring our asbestos disposal bin services in Edmonton. We'll handle the laws laid out by the Government of Alberta so you don't have to.


Canada's rate of mesothelioma cancer is one of the highest globally. Not all asbestos in your building is dangerous, but you can hire a remediation company to determine if what you're calling about poses a risk to you, your family, or your demolition project. Read on to discover why we're known for our asbestos disposal bins services.


After The Asbestos Is Removed

We specialize in asbestos waste disposal services under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code. You may wonder where the asbestos goes after it's removed from the site. That's where our training and expertise come in. Bins By Jo has the industry experience required to transport asbestos from buildings to landfills. To do this, asbestos needs to be placed in our special bins that allow no harmful toxins to escape into the air.


Without regulations, the general public can become exposed to asbestos fibres. We have a responsibility to ourselves and the people of Edmonton to ensure no contamination occurs.


Our Bins

We have a variety of disposal containers ranging from 12 cubic yards all the way to 40 cubic yards depending on the size of the job. We are a one-stop-shop for all removal projects, but we have the knowledge to tackle specific jobs like asbestos disposal! Our asbestos removal bins are lidded and regulated for transport according to OHS standards. They are specially manufactured to hold toxic and carcinogenic waste and are built to endure the bumps and variation on roads.


Our Disposal Process

After the building's assessment, our company follows strict government guidelines to ensure we don't endanger anyone's health. We tackle our asbestos disposal services in Edmonton with precision and take responsibility for the dangerous work we're doing. All waste goes in our labelled containers that are airtight and watertight. If our company transporting friable asbestos, the truck must have an emergency cleanup kit onboard. This type of asbestos is dangerous because it easily flakes off into the air. With our labelled bins, equipped trucks, and emergency training, you can bet the service we provide is premiere.


Hire Asbestos Disposal Services in Edmonton Today!

A lot of work goes into the safe transport of asbestos. We work hard to build a team of transporters that are informed, meticulous, and confident in protecting our health and safety. Now that you know the process behind the transport, you can let us handle the dirty work.


Request a quote and we will assess your building site together. We'll come up with the safest plan to dispose of your hazardous waste. If you're looking for asbestos disposal services in Edmonton, look no further.


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