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Tips for Running the Debris Removal Process Smoothly

After completing a construction project, most of us think the job is done. The fact is you have to worry about disposing of all debris. All construction projects, whether large commercial or smaller residential jobs, require demolition removal services. This includes trash from material packaging, cardboard, scrap, and demolition debris. At Bins By Joy Ltd in Edmonton, our team of experts will take all the worries off your hands so that you can focus on the construction. We live up to our reputation by providing clients with comprehensive services that make the demolition process stress-free and create a safer environment for all those who are involved. Whether you need portable toilets, garbage bins on rental or portable construction fencing services, we are your one stop shop and provide it all.

Why is it Important to Remove Debris?


Getting rid of piled up junk from the construction site is a difficult but an important task. Construction sites generate massive amounts of waste. Construction waste exhausts any available space at a fast rate as it can pile up quickly. When you are recycling and reusing this waste material, you can save money to purchase new materials. Some debris can contain metal, pieces of wood, furniture etc. Removing such debris also helps builders make their sites safer as heaps of waste can be hazardous. 

The following tips will help you run your debris removal process smoothly and efficiently:

Work Smart to Lessen the Burden

Make use of a junk removal bin right from the beginning of the project. While disposing of materials like wood, make sure the bins are big enough to accommodate the long boards. Sharp or heavy items should not be packed in trash bags which are more suitable for softer materials such as paper, sand or cardboard. Garbage cans and trash bags can be very costly and you also have to worry about hauling it away and dropping it at the proper dumping sites. Materials like concrete, steel, wood, and tiles can also be difficult to transport off a construction site.


Therefore, rent a bin and ask your workers to toss things inside it throughout the day. Once the container is filled up, contact the same company to come and pick up the bin.

Recycle it All

Most of the materials used during construction can be reused or recycled if you plan ahead. Materials like dirt, concrete, asphalt and wood usually make up the majority of the waste and can be easily recycled and reused. Get in touch with a reliable recycling facility that will take care of your demolition removal while adhering to the proper methods.

Let the Professionals Handle it

Construction debris removal can be a very stressful and a tedious task, so the smart thing to do would be to hire professionals. They will remove and recycle debris and junk from your construction area for you. Save yourself the stress and contact our demolition removal team to keep your construction area clear of unwanted materials like junk and debris.


Check out our blog to read about tips for decluttering and junk removal. When you work with us on your Edmonton demolition project, we handle it entirely. Our team has the necessary expertise and equipment in the industry to control every aspect of the debris removal process. To find out more about our demolition removal services, get in touch with us today.


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