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The Complete Guide for Construction & Demolition Removal in Edmonton

Disposing of construction and demolition waste requires unique services. The type of debris that is produced from construction and demolition projects differs from your average household or commercial garbage. Therefore, the disposal should be treated with a bit more caution and care.


Demolition and debris removal in Edmonton is made easy when you partner with Bins By Jo LTD. We're the go-to for demolition removal services in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. And as your go-to, we created this brief, yet complete guide. We'll address all your inquiries concerning construction and demolition removal in the Edmonton area.


Construction Demolition Debris Removal Services Explained

Construction demolition and debris (C&D) removal services are necessary for the removal of materials generated by the construction, alteration, destruction, renovation, or repair of any physical structure from residential, industrial, and/or commercial buildings. Examples for the types of debris that require a C&D removal service consists of (but are not limited to) the following:

  • lumber (or wood)

  • drywall (or sheetrock)

  • carpeting

  • wood flooring

  • metals (aluminum, steel, copper, etc.)

  • brick

  • roofing shingles

  • asbestos materials (hazardous)

  • mercury-containing materials (hazardous)

  • paints, primers, varnishes, solvents, sealers, etc. (hazardous)

Gaseous fumes due to inappropriate disposal or simply debris dense in weight and volume could pose a health and safety concern to the public. Typically the placement of these materials in an average landfill is prohibited.


Hiring a Debris Removal Service

Demolition debris removal services are crucial for safely disposing of any debris or waste from a construction, demolition, or renovation project. Moreover, depending on your city's regulations, you may find that disposing of your waste would be better suited for a licensed C & D removal service.  It's also not ever the smartest decision to embark upon a demolition debris removal process on your own, especially if you're a novice to C&D removal. Disposal is a tedious process, one in which the type of equipment and technique for removal is usually dependent on your unique needs. 


This is why it's best to outsource a professional that can fully attest to their skill and experience. And if you're in search of a service provider for demolition removal in Edmonton or its surrounding areas, we at Bins By Jo LTD are the go-to for waste removal.


Demolition Removal in Edmonton

At Bins By Jo LTD is the go-to C&D, we offer services in demolition removal in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. We also specialize in bin rentals, asbestos disposal services, garbage bin rental, and more.


Contact us to handle the "clean up" for your next commercial, industrial, or residential project. We have the experience and execute each project with the highest of standards in the C&D industry. Also, feel free to refer to our FAQs to resolve any of your immediate inquiries!


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