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Renting Vs Purchasing - Which One is More Cost Effective for Temporary Fencing?

One of the most common questions asked about temporary fencing is whether you should rent or purchase it; it can be a potential dilemma for builders and developers. Bins By Jo Ltd. has been providing temporary fencing rental services in Edmonton since 2012. Whether it’s a small or a large construction site, we supply portable construction panels in large quantities.

In this blog, we will shed some light on which option is more economical and feasible. If you are a builder who has multiple construction sites currently under construction or have upcoming sites in the near future, this is an important decision to make. You should give careful thought to the factors and elements that need to be taken into account.

Before jumping to a decision on hiring services or purchasing, you need to be clear on the following information:

How Much Will It Cost?

Buying temporary fencing would involve a huge start-up cost, whereas with renting temporary fence services, the money can be redistributed elsewhere. The need for maintenance and replacement also arises when you decide to buy it. If the fence is not maintained properly, its effectiveness is reduced and it could even become hazardous. While buying a temporary fence, one also needs to consider the cost of storing it when not in use. The cost of storing fences shouldn’t be underestimated because it can quickly blow your budget. Hiring temporary fencing services doesn’t involve any storage costs and you can adjust the quantity as and when required.

Quantity Can Impact the Cost

One of the important aspects to consider while buying temporary fences is the quantity. This will also have an impact on your costs. If you don’t buy enough fencing for all your construction projects, you will be at the risk of running short on fences. On the flip side, if you buy in surplus and it doesn’t get used, then you will be wasting money paying to store the unused panels. Hiring will eliminate the need to accurately assess your fencing requirements upfront. It allows you to pay for only what you need.

Don’t Have to Worry About the Quality

While weighing out the costs of buying vs renting temporary fence panels, you are most likely looking for the best price and quality. This may tempt you to explore options like second hand and cheaper panels or you may even think of buying overseas. Whilst looking out for such options, you need to be wary that not all fencing is created equally. The quality and consistency may vary in some fencing panels, especially the cheaper ones. Such doubts will be eliminated if you choose to hire temporary fencing services. Doing so from a reputable company will be sure to provide you with quality temporary fences. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you with your temporary fence needs in Edmonton.


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