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Money Saving Tips for Garbage Bin Rental Service

Is clutter getting you down? Do you have piles of yard waste or construction debris? A recent study by Community Research Connections states that Canadians generate about 2.7 kg of garbage each day.   Whether you're moving, renovating, or doing a deep clean, too much stuff is a problem. Maybe it's time to look for a bin rental in Edmonton. Check this bin rental Edmonton guide featuring 5 money-saving tips.


1.    Find an Affordable Bin Rental Service


When you are looking for an Edmonton garbage bin rental service, it's a good idea to call more than one company in your area.  Different companies provide different services and it's best to find one that suits your needs. A good rule of thumb when you're searching for the best bin rental service is to ask lots of questions.  Find out if they have discounts for first-time customers.  Some companies offer package deals at a reduced rate.  Some companies charge a flat rate for their bins.  Others charge by weight. A good company can help you decide which is the cheaper option for you.


2.    Added Charges for Bin Rental in Edmonton


There's a lot to consider when renting a garbage bin in Edmonton.  Be sure to ask the right questions so you aren't surprised by an additional charge. Some bin rental companies include waste disposal in the rental fee. Others may charge you a dumping fee.  One thing to keep in mind is the storage cost of keeping too much junk. It's worth it to get rid of it. Basic things to consider are delivery, pick-up, and disposal fees.


3.    Size Matters


A good bin rental service will offer a variety of bin sizes.  You can select the right size for your rental needs. If you select one that is too large, you'll be sending it back partly filled.  That's a waste of money.  On the other hand, if you chose a bin that is too small, you might need to rent it a second time. Your Edmonton bin rental service will assist you in choosing the right bin for your needs.


4.    Save Your Back While You Save Money


The size of a garbage bin isn't the only factor to consider when looking for a bin rental in Edmonton. Not all bins are created equal. Have you ever tried to lift a heavy box into a dumpster?  Several boxes later and you might find you've strained your back. Some bins are placed lower to the ground. That makes it easier to fill them with your garbage. Other bins have a walk-in option which makes them very easy to load large items. They're great for things like broken furniture or hard-to-load items.


5.    Stick to the Rental Period


An affordable bin rental service allows you to keep the bin on your property for a fixed number of days. Know that term and stick to it. If you can push to finish with the bin early, you may be able to save money.


Choose an Affordable Bin Rental Service


Contact Bins By Jo Ltd. Waste Disposal for the best bin rental in Edmonton. We have the solution for your junk and debris disposal needs.


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