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How to Pick the Right Dumpster Rental Service?

When conducting a major home renovation, you may be surprised at how quickly waste, garbage, junk, and debris pile up. In most cases, it's unlikely that your weekly waste removal service will be able to take care of everything. You can leave the excess refuse sitting by your garbage bin on pickup day, but they'll probably just leave it there. If you want to take care of your waste removal efficiently and responsibly, you'll need a dumpster rental in Edmonton. However, finding the right company to hire might be a little more complicated than you think.


There are several factors to consider before renting a dumpster. We're here to help you make the right choice. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to pick the right dumpster rental service.


1.   Ask About Bin Sizes


First and foremost, determine what bin sizes the company offers. How much waste do you think you're going to produce. Not all companies offer a wide variety of options. Bins By Jo Waste disposal, however, offers the following choices:

  • 12 cubic yards

  • 16 cubic yards

  • 20 cubic yards

  • 30 cubic yards

  • 40 cubic yards

  • 50 cubic yards

Determine how big of a dumpster you'll need by discussing it with the dispatch team. 


2.   Find Out if There Are Any Material Restrictions


Most dumpster rental companies have limitations on what you can put into their bins. You also need to adhere to local laws and regulations about hazardous waste disposal. Contact the rental company or look on their website to inquire about what is and isn't allowed.


Some companies, like Bins By Jo Waste Disposal, for example, offer specialized services for hazardous waste removal. They have asbestos disposal services for people clearing out building materials exposed to asbestos.


3.   Compare Pricing


One of the most important tips for finding the right dumpster rental in Edmonton is comparing dumpster rental prices. You need to make sure the company's services fall within the range of your budget.


Ideally, your garbage dumpster rental should be included in your initial renovation budget.


4.   Find Customer Reviews


Before choosing a dumpster rental in Edmonton, go online to find customer reviews. Find out what other people who have used their services have to say about the company. How were their customer services skills? Was the dumpster delivered and picked up on time?


5.   Ask About the Specifics of Delivery and Pick-Up


Finally, when searching for the right dumpster rental company, ask about the details of the dumpster drop-off and pick-up. Find out if there are any laws in your neighborhood about where the dumpster can and cannot be placed. If it can't be placed on the street, will the company be able to park it in your driveway or yard?


Additionally, find out if you need to be at home when the company drops off the dumpster. If so, you may need to take time off work.


Need a Dumpster Rental in Edmonton?


If you're about to start a renovation or construction project, odds are you're going to need a dumpster rental in Edmonton. We can help.


Contact Bins By Jo Waste Disposal today to rent a dumpster or get in touch with someone to talk about your needs. If you're not sure what size or type of dumpster you need, we'll be more than happy to discuss your options with you.


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