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How to Choose the Right Size Dumpster?

Whether you're tearing out a residential bathroom or revamping a commercial building, renting a dumpster is an essential need in some scenarios. Dumpsters provide an easy way to get rid of all the unwanted debris that comes with renovating! But when it comes to dumpster rental, what size dumpster do you need? What are dumpster prices and what can you expect from the dumpster rental in Edmonton? If you're looking for an easy way to get rid of waste for your next home project, here are a few tips for renting a dumpster.


Options for Dumpster Sizes


There are several types of dumpsters, and they're not one-size-fits-all. Some are larger, while others can handle small renovations. Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards. Here are the typical choices for dumpsters:

  • 12 cubic yards

  • 16 cubic yards

  • 20 cubic yards

  • 30 cubic yards

  • 40 cubic yards

  • 50 cubic yards

Most dumpster rentals allow you to keep the dumpster for seven days but may charge a fee for an extension. You'll also want to note items that can and cannot be thrown away.


What's Your Project?


Another important aspect of choosing a dumpster size is considering the size of your project. Are you tearing out a small bathroom or completely gutting a large kitchen? The larger the project the larger your dumpster should be. Here is a breakdown of common projects that each dumpster can maintain.

12 and 16 Cubic Yards

These dumpsters are the smallest size and are perfect for light home projects, such as spring cleaning, basement clean-up, or yard waste removal. They can also handle a smaller room remodel.

20 Cubic Yards

The 20 cubic yard dumpster is the most popular size because it can hold debris for average-size projects like a pool removal, kitchen remodels, floor, or deck deconstruction. For most 20-yard containers, this size is the equivalent of 6 trash pick-ups.

30 and 40 Cubic Yards

Significantly larger than the previous dumpsters, 30 and 40 yards is your go-to for a large home or commercial projects. You'll want these sizes for home additions, cleaning out an entire home, or even demolition.

50 Cubic Yards

The largest size bin for your biggest project. The 50-yard bin suits projects like community revamping projects, restoration from fires and floods, commercial projects, and more.


Size Is Important


Why is knowing what dumpster size you need important? Knowing the proper dumpster size is essential for your project so you can fill it with the right amount of debris. If you choose a dumpster too small, you'll need to have that dumpster hauled away and make room for another, which could be more expensive. It's important to assess your project first and decide how much debris you'll likely accumulate. Doing so will narrow down your dumpster choices. You also need to remember that it's considered a road hazard to overfill your dumpster. When the hauling truck comes to remove the dumpster from your property, the dumpster should not be overfilled due to the potential of debris flying out and over into traffic.


The Right Dumpster Rental in Edmonton for You


Knowing the size dumpster you need is an easy decision when you consider your project. What size dumpster do you think you need today? Bins by Jo Ltd can help! If you need assistance with deciding on the dumpster size, contact our dumpster rental in Edmonton for advice or to schedule your dumpster drop-off.


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