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Choosing the Right Number of Portable Toilets

A lot of effort goes into planning events, whether it’s a wedding, music festival or any large gathering of people. A number of decisions have to be made including figuring out how many portable toilets will be needed. This is very important as too many can drain your budget and too few can negatively impact the visitors or guests. It also plays an important part in maintaining hygiene in the premises.

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In this blog post, we discuss how many portable toilets you will need.

How Many You Will Need?

When figuring out how many portable toilets will be required for your event, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

How long are the toilets needed?

How many people are to be expected for the event?

What will be the sex ratio?

Will food and drinks be served at the event?


By knowing the answers to the above questions, you can plan for ordering the right number of portable toilets.

Normally, most people use the toilet at least once every four hours. One portable toilet can serve around 50 people for events under five hours. If food, drinks and alcoholic beverages are served, the usage can increase. If the event is going to have a higher woman to man ratio, it’s wise to increase the number of portable toilets. This is because women use the toilet more frequently than men do.


How Large Is the Event Space?

If space is a problem to accommodate a large number of portable toilets, an alternative is an increase in the cleaning of toilets during the day of the event. If the portable toilet units are serviced twice a day, it’s possible to cut the required number in half. You may have to pay a premium price for the additional cleaning services but it could be worth considering the parking fee you will have to pay if extra portable toilets need to be rented.


Duration of the Event

Time is another important factor you have to consider. For example, one portable toilet will be sufficient for an event with 50 people that lasts only an hour, but if the event is going to be five hours, two portable toilets will be needed.


Let Us Help

If you are not sure how many portable toilets you will need, the experts at BINS BY JO LTD. can help. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved in or impacted by our operations. We provide portable toilets for special events, parties, construction worksites and other sites.


We also provide portable construction fencing to our clients. Read our blog post - Renting vs Purchasing - Which One Is More Cost-Effective for Temporary Fencing? – to know why you have to call us to rent portable construction fences.


Call us if you want portable toilets for your event.


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