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All You Need to Know About the Modern Porta Potty

Are you looking to rent a porta-potty? Maybe you have never done it before and are a bit apprehensive about the process. If you are anxious about the rental it means that you need more information. Once you have a bit more information you will start to feel comfortable about making a selection. Here is some more information to help you.   


1.   Odor Control is Superior

Modern porta-potties have superior odor control. Even though this option is not flushable, you will not experience unbearable odors. This means that if you have a large event you can safely rent more than one portable toilet and rest assured that bad odors will not make things unpleasant.


2.   Save Water

The only time water will be needed is when the porta-potty and its reservoir need cleaning. In this way, you are helping to save the environment.


3.   Keep Things Clean

The porta potties are equipped with hand sanitizer and outside there are hand washing stations, upon request. We designed with your special needs in mind, pre-planned delivery and cleaning schedules will assure all porta potties are maintained to the highest standard.


4.   Get a Flushable Option

So far the focus has been on porta potties that don't need flushing. However, this is not the only option. You can now have a portable toilet trailer. These toilets flush and have a built-in sink. Some toilet trailers even have temperature control which makes them cool during the hottest summer months.


5.   Suitable for Many Events

The porta potties from Bins by Jo can be used for just about any event. Maybe during the holidays, you will have family over and the facilities will not be enough. You can easily supplement your indoor bathroom with one or more portable toilets. This will ensure that your family is comfortable at all times. While the standard use of porta potties is for outdoor events, there is no end to its usefulness on any occasion where there is a genuine need.


Rent a Porta Potty in Edmonton

You now know the many benefits a porta-potty in Edmonton can provide. It is convenient and ensures proper sanitation, to reduce the spread of disease. Portable toilets are great for just about any event, this means they can be used for weddings, picnics, corporate events, camping, and much more. Porta potties help to ensure that everyone stays safe. If you would like to rent porta potties you can contact Bins By Jo. We will advise you on the best portable toilet options for any event you may be planning.


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